Experience the thrill of racing on our indoor OVAL track in one of our purpose built go-karts, our track is designed for full drifting action and full adrenalin fun. With our special track surface you can feel the  drifting sensation as  you slide around the corners. What other karting track gives the race winner the CHECKERED FLAG and lets them do another lap of honour!

DriftKartz NZ is the most fun you can have on our purpose built Kartz and track.

Our race track has a special coating which is imported from Canada and is injected into the concrete surface giving you one of the most difficult racing surfaces you will ever encounter. The specially hardened competition kart tyres also add to the fun making for an out of control racing experience.

Imagine trying to control an out of control race car! That’s what DriftKartz is all about.

Whether its attacking turn 1 or controlling the car coming out of turn 2 you have no choice but too feel the slide as the wheels let go and the car slides out wide, be careful tho because an incorrect race line will send you out to the tyre wall and you will be passed by all the other racers.

It is not easy, if it was easy it wouldn’t be FUN.

So on your next visit to Rotovegas call in and give it a go and
see if you have what it takes to control the out of control.


PLEASE NOTE: drivers have to be 12years of age and older and a minimum of 1.5 metres tall