Rotorua, The home of boiling mud pools and geysers, the cultural capital of New Zealand, also the home to Kaitiaki Adventures.

Let Rotorua’s most experienced Raft and Sledge Guide crew assist you to descend the outstanding waterways surrounding Rotorua, in style with their world-class Rafting and Sledging abilities and fun-loving personalities, coupled with the best gear, will make it an experience you will never forget.

Kaitiaki are NZ’s pioneers in Sledging. Taking sledging to its ultimate extreme… tailoring sledging to allow a safe but enjoyable adventure for people with no prior experience.

Kaitiaki Adventures is a Rotorua based whitewater rafting and sledging business located at Hells Gate.

Kaitiaki Adventures customers experience first hand the unique blend of culture and adrenaline that only Kaitiaki Adventures rafting and sledging can provide.

Safety is paramount and your entertainment is guaranteed.

Hard to believe no experience is required but Kaitiaki Adventures Rotorua will give you all the training and safety equipment of the highest standard to make your journey a safe yet unforgettable time.

Kaitiaki Adventures has guides specifically trained to offer the best trip, unsurpassed in their rafting and sledging experience, these guides use their extensive world knowledge to compliment their guiding on our great waterways surrounding Rotorua.

Outstanding changing facilities available.

Although any true adventure is not without an element of risk, we take our chosen profession as your caretakers and guardians for this adventure very seriously and we give total respect to the river at all times.

White water rafting is a serious sport and adventure activity. Strict water safety procedures are observed.