Vulcan Helicopters, (operated by Frontier Helicopters Ltd) has been operating to White Island since 1988, (formally operated by Waimana Helicopters Ltd) and has conducted thousands of flights carrying tour groups, providing assistance with film and television productions and supporting scientific projects and maintenance support.

Vulcan Helicopters White Island Volcano Adventure is truly a unique experience, visiting a continuously active, living and breathing volcano rapidly becoming a destination for all, who visit New Zealand.

The service and standard of the White Island Volcano Adventure strives to maintain a very professional experience and one, which will be the highlight of your New Zealand vacation.

It was once said in 1936, that White Island was “surely one of the wonders of the world” and to this date by visitor numbers and comments alone, it remains just that.

Viewing from the helicopter high above the island, towering steam columns, bold landforms and intricate textures provide an awesome geographical spectacle. Patches of green reveal Pohutukawa forest fighting to survive, the whitened points to the south and west marked by thousands of gannets – their home in the sea. Drifting down and passing slowly along the crater rim you sense the energy of each billowing crater and steam vent. Landing on the crater floor feels like a lunar landing happening millions miles away. The close up rich colours accentuate this rare environment of extreme beauty and raw energy.

Landing provides the opportunity for a guided walk amongst this scene from the dawn of time, through the days of sulphur mining to the present where we get to absorb and view a wonder of the world.