Opened January 2010 at 1335 Paradise Valley Road. Amazeme is a fabulous new attraction to Rotorua. 1.4 kilometres of winding hedge lined pathways take you to the centre of the maze. You are bound to get lost and are guaranteed to have loads of fun finding your way.

Amazeme is focussed on providing good old fashioned fun for families at an affordable price. It is owned and operated by the Jensen family.

At Amazeme your children will delight in the small animal petting experience, aviary and effectively designed playground. Everyone can enjoy McGregor’s garden with raised garden beds full of fruit, berries and vegetables in season. The Monarch butterfly house will be opening in March/April 2010.

The object of this maze is to find your way to the centre. Once in the maze you will find openings in the hedge which you may or may-not choose to go through. At some places along the path are permanent blocks, which means you will have to retrace your steps if you wish to progress further. Directly ahead as you enter the maze are a series of one-way doors, which can only be opened from inside. These are for a quick exit from the centre or from any path.

In 2005, 1400 Escallonia shrubs (a small leaved evergreen) were grown from cuttings. Transplanted onto the maze site in December 2007, they have quickly grown to a height of 1.8 metre allowing this new venture to open 6 months ahead of schedule.

Amazeme is based on the original idea of Bob and Carol Gee who owned the Fairbank Maze until it was demolished in 2002.